First Aid for Employers and Workplaces

Selecting a First Aid Training Provider (HSE document) – Advice on selecting First Aid training providers. Also lists the FAW and EFAW syllabus.

First Aid at Work – The Health and Safety (First-Aid) Regulations 1981 (HSE) – guidance for workplaces on general First Aid requirements for employers and workplaces.

First Aid Needs Assessment Advice (HSE) – Advice on the needs assessment which employers are required to carry out.

First Aid Guidance for Schools

[N.B. The section above also applies to schools]

Statutory Framework for the Early Years Foundation Stage – This document specifies various legal requirements around First Aid for those looking after young children from birth to 5. Also specifies the PFA and EPFA syllabus.

First Aid in Schools – Guidance from Gov.uk.

Incident Reporting in Schools (HSE) – How the HSE incident reporting guidance applies to schools. Worth reading, as there are a few differences from the general regulations.

Advice on Anaphylaxis and AAIs (EpiPens) – From the Anaphylaxis campaign.

Asthma Inhalers in Schools – Guidance from Gov.uk.

Health, Safety and Wellbeing in Schools – Various other Gov.uk publications and guidance (not all relevant to First Aid)

The NHS app library…

..is a great resource for both physical health and mental health. It’s constantly being updated too. Check it out.

Mental Health Resources

General Resources

Mind – A Mental Health charity in the UK. Their site has lots of good resources, including their A-Z of Mental Health page.

YoungMinds – Organisation with a specific focus on the Mental Health of young people. Good resources section on the site.

Royal College of Psychiatrists – MH Problems and Disorders – A very comprehensive, authoritative resource on a number of conditions.

Royal College of Psychiatrists – Young People’s Mental Health – Similar to the above, but more slanted towards youth MH.

Teens: Mental Health & Physical Health – From an Austrailan site aimed at parents. Not everything on this page is MH related.

MentalHealth.gov – US Government site with a lot of resources.

Mental Health apps in the NHS app library – a section of the library noted above.

Brain Development

Brain Development: teenagers – An Australian site giving a great run down for parents.

Adolescent Brain Development – From a NZ site called Kids Health.

SDQ (Strengths and Difficulties Questionnaire)

[The SDQ is a questionnaire which has been described as ’emotional and behavioural screening’, and which can help to flag up potential, or actual, MH issues. Some people like it, others not so much.]

Main SDQ site – Download the questionnaire in multiple languages.

CORC Page – This page explains what it is in more detail.

Safeguarding Resources

Our Safeguarding Resources page is here.

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